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We got the referral!

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  • Mellie Mellie's Avatar 08-18-05 | 02:31 PM
  • [url][/url]

    Thank goodness, it went really well. Jacob was his normal self, not having a really bad day, but also not one of his "abnormally good days". I had to do a little name dropping, I was talking with a lady while at my doctor's appt Tuesday afternoon and she gave me a name of "the guy" for parents with Special Ed kids in our school district, he's a professional advocate for Special Ed Laws. Anyhooo- they were trying to push me off (again) and I decided to drop this guy's name into the conversation- well the lady from the actual ISD offices was in there and when I said his name, she actually flinched. It was all I could do not to laugh out loud. Anyway, they quickly changed their tune and decided to go ahead with the referral. Guess it pays to be "in the know".
  • NicholeMatthew NicholeMatthew's Avatar 08-18-05 | 02:45 PM
  • Hopefully this will get him up to par! I'm glad it went well, and that you just had to drop a name, and viola how their tune changed!
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 08-18-05 | 03:47 PM
  • it's sad that you do have to resort to name dropping like that..
    At least you got the referral and maybe now you'll be on track with the help!
  • two forgetful two forgetful's Avatar 08-18-05 | 11:12 PM
  • dropping names works and when you need it do it!
  • tidoublegrr tidoublegrr's Avatar 08-19-05 | 12:12 AM
  • I'm glad he will be able to get the help. I will forever be greatful of the speech therapists that helped Zachary.