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went hiking today

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  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 08-03-08 | 10:52 PM
  • and dang if the kids didn't out-hike me!
    man, I felt so out of shape!

  • dhortonh dhortonh's Avatar 08-05-08 | 01:28 AM
  • WOW what a beautiful place to hike! Nothing like a 7yr old to remind you how old you feel.
Thank you dhortonh!
skyqueen (08-05-08)
  • Mellie Mellie's Avatar 08-05-08 | 08:10 AM
  • Very pretty! Glad you had a nice time even if they did wear you out!

    I can't get over wearing pants and jackets in summer.
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 08-05-08 | 12:16 PM
  • well, in the woods, it is cool. the kids started in shorts but I had to pull out the sweat pants and jackets to keep them from being cold.
    The day was about 78 that day, but cooler in the woods.

    today, it's supposed to be 98. (but dry)

    We're having the craziest weather this summer. Its been much cooler in general than the average all summer with strange spikes of hotness sprinkled here and there. Makes it very tough.
  • Jillian Jillian's Avatar 08-05-08 | 01:39 PM
  • Those are great pictures and my girls are now beating me at things I use to be good at. Julia's so darn flexible it's ridiclous and Kaitlyn is just a ball of energy 24/7. I thought being a parent was to make you feel young again??