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Went and looked at..

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  • NicholeMatthew NicholeMatthew's Avatar 01-21-07 | 12:18 PM
  • The house for $97,900.00 and I wasn't all that impressed. I'm not sure what to think. There is some work that needs to be done. ie. the front room carpet is stained, they cut a hole in perfectly good carpet in one of the bedrooms, and had no taste in color/carpet in the first place. It was rather dusty... which isn't a big deal... the laundry room is like a cement floor area and that is where the 1/2 bath is... There is enough storage, but the bathroom is small.... not that big of an issue... I don't know... I just didn't get the, wow I gotta have this house feeling. The yard is nice and goes back further, like it goes just past the creek. It needs painted and there is a small/medium hole in the drywall in one room... and a fridge and a stove. Umm.. what else. . . It had a brand new heater. Just to update it it would take some work... but however I also see that we could live in it, and be a lot more comfortable than we are now... however I didn't get the I WANT it now feeling. Make sense??

    I compare it to the feeling of the other house we looked at. Even though it didn't have carpet and a leaky roof, and an unfinished room... I thought WOW this house could be awesome! However the amount of work (price wise) scares me... since it would be a while before we could do anything with it....especially if we need a down payment. Without a downpayment we would be able to capet immideately, and then fix the roof to the point where it doesn't leak with the permanenet fix in a year or two...

    Now I don't know what to think.
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 01-21-07 | 09:37 PM
  • that's a bummer that you didn't get a warm fuzzy feeling.

    You do need to be happy with it, but you have to look at it like an artist. You have to be able to see the potential and the bones beneath and know if the potential is something you can aim toward.
    Carpet and paint are NOTHING! You know that all the houses with new paint and carpet are able to raise the price of a home byt 10K just for that alone. And painting and carpet are NOT worth that price hike!! Move in ready is not worth the cost to me... I'd rather do it myself anyway so I could pick out the colors. kwim?

    That property, though, sounds like a dream.
    Sleep on it.
  • Mellie Mellie's Avatar 01-22-07 | 10:39 AM
  • I think the "bones" of the house are far more important than what it looks like. Honestly- the leaky roof on the other house (assuming the current owners won't pay for a repair prior to moving in) would make it a no deal for me. Carpet and paint are easy and you can live with ugly colors for far longer than a leaky roof. KWIM?