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Where do you shop for kids clothes? Print Version

Mellie 10-08-04 02:54 PM

Where do you shop for kids clothes?
I am having such a hard time finding stuff I like for Jacob this year, it's tough too because I'm not exactly sure what size pants he wears, and trying them on in the store is a major PITA with him. :rolleyes: I've found TONS of cute stuff for Abby (just dropped over $200 at Gymboree :bag: ), but I can't seem to find anything for Jacob. :huh: I need to hit Old Navy and Gap this weekend I guess.

skyqueen 10-08-04 05:32 PM

well, I was going to the outlets that were near my work... but I've moved. :lol:

So, now I don't really get a chance to shop as much as I did, but I still manage to get good deals at the outlets up here when I do get to go. Otherwise, it's at FredMeyers on their clearance racks, Walmart (for sweat pants), and Sears and JCPenneys.
Sears actually has some really cute stuff for the boys at the moment. And they have pretty good prices.
They have this club where you can sign up for free. And whenever you make a purchase, you give them your phone number and the total is added to the club tally. When you get to a certain amount,you get a discount or something. What's cool, is if you let your folks and inlaws know, when they're shopping for gifts for birthdays and christmas, they can add all that to the club account as well.

I'm having a hard time finding stuff for Andrew, his top part is size 2T, almost 3T, but his legs are still 18 months. (just barely 2T for some pants) I can get away with longer pants as long as they have elastic cuffs (so they just hang at the ankles in a pile instead of tripping him)

Sarah, she's a hard cookie to clothe too because all the 4T and up clothes seem to be made for kids who are skinny and NOT in bulky diapers :lol: This diaper problem isn't a problem for long, but it's frustrating trying to find pants that just pull up and down instead of having to zip and snap them etc.
I did find some cute rider pants that are 'stretch' material at walmart. they are holding up pretty well so far. Eventhough there is a snap and zipper, she can still pull them down without undoing that stuff.

The outlets are Gap, Carters, old navy (but I'm disinchanted with them of late, yucky clothes this past year), and children's place (I got some super duper deals there last year when they were changing their seasons and just put the stuff away. I got fleece lined track pants for $1. How can you go wrong with that???

cynikkle 10-08-04 06:10 PM

i like the sales racks at Rich's/Macy's (now just Macy's), gymboree, old navy and baby gap. annie wears a 4T on top and a 3T on the bottom. i have to get her bottoms mostly from baby gap because they are the only ones i know that have pants and other bottoms with adjustable waists. those are a godsend to us. jcpenney is a favorite store as well.

NicholeMatthew 10-09-04 04:21 PM

I'm a cheap shopper. No name brands here. Kevin is in 5T pants and shirts. Some 4 T's still fit, but 5T's are a MUCH better fit! Shirts I bought off of ebay, although I've seen some at Old Navy that I like.... But don't have the $$ if DH was home, and working, no prob, but with my $$ the only one... We are a bit short lately. I shop at Meijer and WalMart (mostly Meijer) Target....

Aiden can fit in 2T-3T. Although some 2 T's are TOO small, when others fall off?? What's up with that?? I've been buying him 3T's. Just baggy enough to look cute..

tidoublegrr 10-09-04 04:41 PM

For the kids I shop at The Children's Place, Old Navy, Kids R Us, Sears, Osh Kosh, and Carter's. I love the outlet mall but I don't get down there often enough (it's a 40 minute drive). I just was out shopping for new jeans for Zachary as the 2t's are too short for this year although they still fit him in the waist. I couldn't find any good jeans though.