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This child.. Print Version

NicholeMatthew 12-10-06 06:34 PM

This child..
is making me want to :hpull: Why... Do you ask? Well today was Aiden's birthday party.... Aiden got a bunch of gifts which Kev was so so about (he had been acting out all day) well my mom got Aiden Criss Cross Crash because she couldn't find the one Aiden wanted. (which happens to be what I told DH's Mom to get Kev, and now I don't know if I should tell her to take it back or live with two of them! :huh: My mom did not know I told DH's mom to get it..... :blah: Of course Aiden is EXSTATIC about it! :lol: Anyhow Kevin wants that SOOOO Bad... and was trying to convince Aiden to give it to him. :rolleyes: and threw a fit because Aiden got it! :reye:

So Kevin says: I thought we weren't gettnig any presents til Christmas...

well it is Aiden's birthday. I told you Aiden would get presents!

Well.. :rolleyes:

Thank GOD my mom took him because I don't think I could have standed it much longer. He has been SOOOOO darn moody :banghead: :tdown1:

skyqueen 12-10-06 07:36 PM


I feel your pain.

if Kev and Aiden both love it so much, I'd say you'll do good to have 2 of them in the house. :nod:

As for the moodiness and the attitude. :hpull:
I'm right there as bald as you are. :no:

Mellie 12-10-06 08:44 PM

:lol: Add me to the list of mommies with thinning hair!

Between Abby and her sass and back-talking (that ticks me off more than anything) and Jacob and his whining... :no: