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Sarah has conquored... Print Version

skyqueen 04-06-08 06:44 PM

Sarah has conquored...
the jump rope :lol:

this girl all of a sudden has figured out how to jump rope.

She can do it forward, and backward,
and with 2 feet, and in that running step thingy...

and she jumps and jumps and jumps until her hair is sweaty :lol:

now, if only she'd try riding her bike :mope:

Mellie 04-06-08 07:26 PM

:skip: WTG!

FWIW, Jacob isn't too keen on his bike either. :lol: He took one tumble a looonnng time ago and hasn't wanted to try it again. :eyes:

3Princes 04-06-08 07:45 PM

:lurk: There is still hope! I didn't learn to ride my bike till I was 8 or something. I had training wheels and was fine getting around on it that way!!!

2babygirls 04-07-08 05:17 PM

WTG Sarah! Leanna still hasn't figured it out.

icerayn 04-09-08 03:29 PM

:clap:WTG Sarah!!!