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Natalee's Social Life(killing me) Print Version

dhortonh 05-18-08 12:42 AM

Natalee's Social Life(killing me)
Natalee has me running around with her activities I have to make an appointment to go to the bathroom.
We have been busy with Brownies on Monday, Karate on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The past 6 Saturdays we have been going to pageant rehreasals. Last Saturday/Sunday we did the Relay For Life for breast cancer. We have an awards party to go to this Wed and a bowling field trip on this Friday. Then tonight she tells me she wants to go to Golf camp in June! When does it end or is this just the begining.
The good thing is that our local town's Founders Day Little Ms Pageant has ended and Natalee took 1st Runner up.

Is there anyone else that is pulling their hair out over activities?:hpull:

HelenWendy 05-18-08 03:30 PM

Oliver's isn't too bad, Tues is swimming 5pm-5.30pm, it's really close to home so we walk and I wait for him for 1/2 hr and we are home by 5.45pm.
Thursday is Beaver Scouts, again, a 5min walk from home, so I drop him off at 6pm and get him again at 7.30pm.
That's all he is interested in doing atm, I have suggested trampolining or gymnastics, he isn't a footballer, so it's quite easy to manage.

tidoublegrr 05-18-08 07:17 PM

Yes, my kids have us going every night of the week.

MImom23 05-18-08 08:26 PM

We just have brownies on tuesday for my DD there is no boy scout troop and I can't be 2 troop leaders (girl scout leader is almost too much) and there isn't anything else around here to do. I might see about a bowling league or swimming classes now that summer is here,

Mellie 05-18-08 08:30 PM

Between Scouts with Jacob and soccer with my daughter we're hopping like mad most weeks.

Thankfully, the end of May marks the end of soccer and Scouts just had it's last pack meeting for the school year- we've got a couple summer activities, but nothing much. I'm looking forward to a relaxing summer. :lol: