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Growing Up- First bra Print Version

dhortonh 12-27-09 06:05 PM

Growing Up- First bra
Wow what a month! I just blinked and she has grown 2 inches and is turning into a young lady.
We went shopping for her first bra 34AA, I shaved under her arm next she will want have the car keys. Where is my 5lb 4oz baby girl?????

3Princes 12-27-09 09:30 PM

:lurk: I can imagine the time has gone super-fast.

MImom23 12-28-09 03:12 PM

:bighug: I havn't had to deal with the bra thing yet with my 10 YO thank god her dad keeps giving her a hard time cuz she keeps asking for one but has no reason to need one yet, I keep telling her I will remind her of how much she wanted one when she gets older and hate wearing one LOL