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So Proud! Print Version

LMB2007 06-18-10 11:43 PM

So Proud!
Layden scored a perfect 500 in reading on his FCATs. He got a 5 in reading and a 5 in math. There was only one other kid in the ENTIRE 3rd grade that got a perfect score!!!!!!

I'm so proud!!!!!! They honored him and the other students that scored 5's at an Outstanding Academic Achievement banquet. :gbounce:

dhortonh 07-05-10 01:00 AM

What an accomplishment!!! WTG Layden.

Natalee is already stressing over the FCAT and she hasn't even started 3rd grade. They gave her a Prep FCAT workbook to work on this summer. Which I think is ridiculous since she JUST graduated 2nd grade.