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Poor Ds.. Print Version

countrycutieluv 01-12-11 04:30 PM

Poor Ds..
With Christmas vactation it was really hard to keep the kids busy especially with the rainy weather we had here.
Finally the begining of last week (last week of vacation) ds was able to finally go outside and play with his friends.
It was nice and sunny,still cold but with a sweatshirt/jacket it was ok.
Well he went to his dads Friday and started fever but was sleeping all the time. I cant keep him still thanks to his ADD/ADHD and he doesnt take meds on the weekends.
Well took him to the doctor on Monday and he has Pneumonia! So he is on antibotics and cough syrup with codine....he is doing better but if he over does it he hits bottom all over again.
Now I have everything crossed that I don't get it! :xfingers:

dhortonh 01-24-11 02:28 AM

Hope the meds kick in and he starts feeling better soon. The weather has been crazy all over and it seems everyone is getting sick.

Patience 01-24-11 11:48 AM

Sorry he is so sick. Pneumonia has been pretty prevalent here too. DD had a girl in her class with it just last week. Poor thing was out for near a week.

Hope DS is better very soon and nobody else catches anything.