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countrycutieluv 10-09-11 09:55 AM

DS news!
I know I haven't posted in a while.I check in every once in awhile but have been so dang busy,haven't posted. I did get a call the other day from my ex-husband about my ds. He called to let me know that ds who will be 13 in February will need hearing aids in BOTH ears!!! I don't know the specifics and I DID try to pull it out of him,but the ex just isn't that savey with doctors and he didn't tell me that there was a hearing issue till after the appointment with the specialist.The ex and I do talk,not nearly as much as we did when I still lived in California but we talk.
DS has always passed physical hearing tests at the doctors and school,so I don't know what is going on. Ds is going in again on Oct 14 to retest and fit for the hearing aids,which my dh's very good insurance DOESN'T pay for. Deffinetly not a expense I was expecting.I asked the ex how much the specialist quoted him for hearing aids,just in case the insurance didn't cover and he said "I don't know I didn't ask"!!!
I still feel so bad for ds but I'm sure he we prevail as he always does!

Mark'sbabygirl 10-10-11 12:17 PM

wow- crazy he is almost 13 and you didn't know he needed hearing aides! I don't know how the insurance couldn't cover them! Sucks for you to be so far away. Miss you friend!

2babygirls 10-11-11 12:07 PM

My parents and MIL both had Kaiser and their hearing aids were never covered either. :tdown:

I hope your DS adjust to them easily.

countrycutieluv 10-11-11 12:12 PM

Thanks ladies! He always passed the routine phyisical ear tests and the ones at school too so idk if this is something that has just developed. Ex did mention letters that he couldn't hear so maybe certain tones?
Working in the insurance field it's very rare to have the hearing aides covered or have a very small amount covered.he goes in for a retest with the specialist on Friday so I will know more then.

Mommy2Matthias 10-31-11 09:56 AM

I've been away from the boards for a while (looooooooong while) some I'm just now seeing this. If your insurance doesn't cover his h/a's...check into something called the disability vocational rehabilitation program. They will often pay for or help pay for hearing aids. Best of luck!