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dhortonh 12-04-11 11:38 PM

DD- Big girl club
Natalee woke me up @ 7am on Sunday to inform me that she got her period! She then informed me I could go back to bed "she has everything covered".
For the past year we have been talking about it but I really didn't except it to happen at 10 years old.
Now I am only hoping that at 44 I start menopause so we don't have two women in the house PMSing. lol

2babygirls 12-05-11 12:34 PM

I'm laughing at her waking you up & then telling you she has it covered! :lol:

Rachel got hers 3wks before she turned 11. I knew it could happen but it still seems early.

dhortonh 12-05-11 02:16 PM

I got mine as a birthday present on my 12th birthday, she just turned 10 in Oct. 10years old seems so young for my baby to be growing up like that.