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Anyone Due in April

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  • Nessamom 03-20-12 | 01:12 PM
  • i'm expecting my 3rd child ( a precious baby girl) on April 4th and just wanted to touch base with some other expecting moms who are due in April. Give me a shout out if you're expecting a little one, it would mean a lot and is a good way to support each other! Thanks so much!
    Nessa Tysdale
    The pregnant Mama
  • Kit25 03-20-12 | 08:16 PM
  • I am technically due on april 3rd but he is breech, so we have a c-section scheduled for next tuesday. Cant wait to hold him!! He is my 2nd child, 2nd son and 2nd c-section. Good luck, time switches from going so slow to so fast
  • Nessamom 03-20-12 | 10:00 PM
  • My son was breech also and he was a c-section as well. Congrats on your new little arrival! Keep us all posted on the little guys birth!
  • msakire 03-24-12 | 01:56 PM
  • Yes I'm due on the fifth. I'm so ready to get this little boy out! I bet were feeling just the same exhausted of being fat . . I know I am. So what's your baby girls name?
  • Nessamom 03-26-12 | 08:07 PM
  • We haven't decided on a name yet What about your little guy?