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1 week from today.....

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  • **Jennifer** **Jennifer**'s Avatar 03-13-08 | 02:33 PM
  • I am so excited! 1 week from today I will be checking in to be induced Friday! I am so excited to meet this little girl and just get back to normal!!
    It is going to be a long week.
  • Bethann73 Bethann73's Avatar 03-13-08 | 02:34 PM

    Yay!! I'm so excited for you!!!
  • hayley27 hayley27's Avatar 03-13-08 | 02:35 PM
  • How exciting!!!!!
  • Anastasia_B Anastasia_B's Avatar 03-13-08 | 02:41 PM
  • Wow! Good luck!!! Oh, and by the way, the 20th is my best friend's b-day, a good day to be born!
  • Ellie Bellie Ellie Bellie's Avatar 03-13-08 | 02:57 PM
  • holy moly! the babies on our board are coming!!!