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37 week appt

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  • LAB LAB's Avatar 04-09-09 | 07:04 PM
  • I just got back from a nice uneventful appt! Everything is looking great! I'm up to 15 lbs gained now. I'm only measuring 1 week behind. I asked my OB to measure me so he did for my benefit. He said they don't usually measure this late in the game as its so individual and can panic women. I opted not to have an internal check as my DH has been panicking daily since he found out that I was dilating last week. DH isn't too happy with me
    I told him I'd have the OB check next week!

    We went over my birth plan and he said everything looks great and there shouldn't be any problems with any of it. He said that he normally waits a minute or so before clamping the cord, but will give it even more time to make sure the baby gets the blood.

    We also went through what to do when I go into labor. He said to go straight to the hospital and they'll alert him when I get there and how I'm doing.

    So now we just wait and wait and wait! My DH is going to exhaust himself before I go into labor I'm sure. Every little thing makes him jump! He messages me several times a day to see if I'm in labor while he's at work
    I don't know why he's so jumpy besides being 2 cm dilated already last week. I carried the girls full term and haven't had anything that feels like labor contractions. Just normal BH that aren't painful at all! They do make me throw up a little if I've just eaten as I'm carrying so high! The pressure pushes things right back up! Unpleasant, but not worthy of going to the hospital over

    Its kinda' cute, but its wearing me out and making the girls cranky. I feel like I'm being looked at like a time bomb. The girls are constantly asking if we can go to the hospital and get Everett out now! My DH is constantly asking if we need to go to the hospital every time I push Everett's bottom down so I can keep my food in my stomach
    He wasn't so jumpy with the girls births! He's taking his job of getting me to the hospital quickly very seriously. He's really worried I'll deliver in the van!

    I think I'll pack my hospital bag up tonight!

  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 04-09-09 | 07:09 PM
  • I think if my DH were that jumpy, I'd have to slap him! It would make me bonkers!

    I'm glad to hear you've done so well. I totally know what you mean about pushing a butt or feet down to eat!
    I'm in the same boat!

    Can't wait to share baby stories instead of belly stories!
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 04-09-09 | 07:38 PM
  • Yes, its driving me nuts! Its how its effecting the girls that really gets me. They keep feeding off him and they get jittery and cranky. I keep trying to distract them with thoughts of Easter candy and the Easter egg hunt
    Nicole will go for it, but Christine just wants her baby to be born!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one pushing a baby down! With my girls I carried very low and never had any of these problems! I totally look like I swallowed a basketball
    Its hard to eat with a basketball inside of you!

    Our babies will be here soon!!!! Its so exciting! It seems like we were on the TTC boards just a short time ago!

  • holly302 04-09-09 | 09:13 PM
  • i SO need you gals over in the playgroup board! Someone from my dd board PLEASEEEE have their baby!
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 04-09-09 | 10:09 PM
  • We're over here trying Holly
    Soon these babies will be evicted one way or another! Its going to be so much fun to see each others babies and meet the little people we've been waiting for all this time!


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