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  • Ellie Bellie Ellie Bellie's Avatar 02-20-08 | 02:14 PM
  • just thought i'd post a little bit about these ... fyi - since the only carriers out there seem to be the bjorn/snugli type thing which imo are terrible ... soooooo ... here goes ... first, my personal pics carrying my baby ...


    first ... for a newborn ... i LOVE something like the moby wrap which is stretchy and soft ... they have other brands like the
    at target ... ppl sell mobys on ebay too ... the moby really snuggles baby up to you and is so comfy ... the learning curve is a little difficult at first but really not bad at all once you've tried ... it distributes weight really well so it's super comfy ...

    i tried a pouch sling ... they carry these at maternity stores and nordstroms now ... something like the
    ... i would highly, highly recommend you try one of these on in a store before purchasing one ... the measurements seem to be pretty specific as they are not adjustable ... if you think the one shouldered carry will work for you you could also check out ring slings which are like pouches but adjustable ... i personally cannot do a RS b/c i have a bad shoulder ... so i need something that distributes weight over two shoulders ... you can get a cheap RS on ebay ... just search ... or there are other companies that make them like Maya wrap and such ... just do a google search ...

    let's see ... then my personal favorite carrier ... the mei tai (MT)'s an asian styled baby carrier ... you can also search this on ebay or etsy for cheaper ones ... MT's are less daunting than wraps but more supportive imo than RS's or pouches ... i got my first MT from
    ... i LOVE it ... it has a slight stretch and is super comfy w/wider straps ... if you have any Q's about MT's - thinner vs wider straps, etc. and brands to check out lmk ... the eden was my first MT after a bunch of research and it was a perfect fit for me and tiffany ... even pregnant i was still doing back carries with her as a toddler comfortably and she would fall asleep in it alot ... the second MT i have is the one i just made last w/e ... it's a faux
    carrier w/wider straps and i made a hood for it ... i also just ordered a Maya Tie from
    for the new baby ... maya fabric is very light weight so i'm hoping it'll keep baby and me cooler ...

    lastly ... my Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) ... this is like the bjorn or snugli which imo are just super uncomfortable ... they are also supposed to be bad for spinal development in newer babies ... other SSC's supposedly distribute the weight better so that the babies are not just dangling by their crotch ... so i got a Yamo carrier ... mostly for dh since he's not into tying so much ... the Yamo is MUCH more comforable than the bjorn - as you can see, i'm wearing tiffany (24#'s) on my back even pregnant as i am and it's very comfy ... Ergo, Moshi Baby and Beco are other SSC examples that are MUCH better designed than the bjorn/snugli ...

    again ... ask any Q's if you have them ... a great resource is
    ... i found most of my information there ... they also have a for sale or trade forum which is fabulous ... that's where i got my yamo from ... hth!
  • Bethann73 Bethann73's Avatar 02-20-08 | 02:25 PM
  • Thanks soo much for all this infoo.. I need to find something I really like for this baby..

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