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bed rest

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  • tracyann 01-18-10 | 12:10 PM
  • I am so frustrated. Started having contractions a couple of weeks ago. Doc thought they were just due to the twins and my uterus growing so fast. But they've gotten progressively more common. So, I've found myself on bed rest. I am sitting here listening to my partner play with our 2 boys while I monitor again because this mornings reading was too high. How exactly am I supposed to take care of my kids while on bed rest. And if my partner uses all of her leave now I'll be taking care of a 2 yr old and twins all by myself. UGH!!! Sorry. Just angry that this body won't work right.
  • CarolleZ CarolleZ's Avatar 01-18-10 | 01:37 PM
  • I can fully understand how frustrating it is, unfortunately
    I had 2 months of bed rest when I was pg with DD. I just got a note today to be off work so I can take it easy at home with the hopes of avoiding bedrest this time around.
  • nisey79 nisey79's Avatar 01-18-10 | 05:20 PM
  • I know where you're coming from. I have been in the same boat. Are there any friends or family that are close by to help out. Sometimes the twin club in your area can offer support for this kind of thing. I don't know how it works in the states but here in canada there are home care programs for moms that are put on bed rest where some one will come in and help you cook, clean and look after kids. Its worth asking your dr. if he/she knows anything about that sort of thing the next you see them. I spent 2.5 months on bed rest and it sucked royally. At least you're at home I was in the hospital. Hang in there.
  • CarolleZ CarolleZ's Avatar 01-18-10 | 05:57 PM
  • Lean on whoever you can for support... I used to lie on my mom's couch all day while DH was at work. I was fortunate to have that support. If you have anyone like that you can get some help from, I would!