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Craving salt

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  • LAB LAB's Avatar 11-15-08 | 01:10 AM
  • Let me just say that I can't stand salty things and don't use salt in most of my cooking. I'll put a tiny sprinkle in a big thing of scrambled eggs and that's about it! Canned soups are usually much too salty for me to handle! I will put a tiny sprinkle of a big thing of veggies and mashed potatoes, but very small amounts and I use Real salt that has trace minerals and good stuff in it.

    I've been craving salt! I actually made, ate and exposed my children to Ramen noodles
    I feel like a terrible example to my kids! They of course thought it was the most wonderful food that they had ever eaten

    The smell of sugar makes me ill and I'm craving salt. Anyone else as odd as me?

  • holly302 11-15-08 | 02:06 AM

    at first i thought you were going to say that you bought a salt post to lick.

    my son loves ramen. he would eat it everyday if we let him. i dont like soup, so when i do eat it i drain all of the liquid and mix butter and about 1/3 of the season pack.

    i dont think you are weird at all! with Lola all i craved was rich foods and hated sweets..with this little guy i want sweets all the time..and steaks..and hamburgers..and hot wings. you know, the realllll healthy stuff.
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 11-15-08 | 02:12 AM
  • Ugh! Hot wings! Reminds me of what I attempted to make tonight. I took some of those yummy Costco meatballs and cooked them in a tiny amount of Tony Roma's BBQ sauce. They were so unbelievably gross I about died! The sauce was like pure sugar and made the meat balls taste like cheap hot dogs!! The rest are sitting in a container in the fridge. My DH might eat them!