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Doc Appt today

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  • Mommylisa28 10-08-07 | 05:52 PM
  • Well I heard the heartbeat today for the first time, at 11 weeks...even being overweight she found it.. My blood pressure is always an issue, with both of of my other pregnancies but im on meds, and they still want to refer me to a perinatal specialist which stinks cuz its an hour away...My big ultrasound is Dec 3rd to see what sex the baby is, but maybe by going to the specialist i can get one in b4 that... THats about was cool hearing the heartbeat tho
  • Ellie Bellie Ellie Bellie's Avatar 10-08-07 | 08:08 PM
  • glad you got to hear the hb! that's always so special .. hope you bp doesn't pose much of a problem this time around ...
  • alla_pech 10-09-07 | 09:04 AM
  • great appointment. it's always great to hear the hb.
  • **Jennifer** **Jennifer**'s Avatar 10-09-07 | 09:56 AM
  • Sounds like a good appt!! That little thump thump is always so reassuring! Good luck on the bp!
  • butterfly25 butterfly25's Avatar 10-09-07 | 10:34 AM
  • Glad you got to hear the hb. That sucks that you'll have to drive so far to see the specialist... but if you get extra peeks at baby, it would be worth it!