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Enjoying nesting

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  • LAB LAB's Avatar 04-19-09 | 07:50 PM
  • So I have figured that Everett is "never" going to come so I should enjoy my nesting energy! If only my hip didn't keep failing me causing me to crumple on the ground all the time! Besides being horribly painful, its really obnoxious to be standing one minute and on the floor a second later!

    I spent 2 hours squatting yesterday and got my garden all up and most of my stuff planted! At least the plants I purchased are in there and some seeds. Then the wind picked up something awful and I couldn't plant tiny little seeds. The drip irrigation system was so easy to get set up and everything is ready for next month after the frost date. Hopefully the weather will be nice and not windy tomorrow and we'll get the rest of the seeds planted! At least the important stuff is in the ground. If I don't get salad greens and carrots planted this week I'll live!

    I made 3 knit caps and a little denim baseball hat today. My DH fell in love with this little denim baseball hat at the store, but we didn't like the dirty denim in it made of. So I made one today out of cute denim! Its so cute and tiny! I hope the knit caps work! They were very fast to make, but I had to downsize like 5 sizes and I'm just not sure if they are going to work without an actual baby head here to work with! I'll take some modeling pics when my child decides to make his appearance! 39 weeks tomorrow!

    I also got my ring sling made today. Nicole has been carrying her bear around in it since
    The tail is really long. I might need to shorten it up a bit, but I'll wait until after I've actually used it for a bit to see how much to chop off the end.

  • MImom23 MImom23's Avatar 04-20-09 | 08:35 AM

    I hope he decides to make his apperance soon.
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 04-20-09 | 09:59 AM
  • It sounds like you're definitely ready to go!

    I like having a long tail on my sling--I use it as a cover-up when NIP, I tuck it under Alex for extra support, and it works as a great little windbreaker when we're outside for walks.
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 04-20-09 | 11:25 AM
  • Come on Everett!! We are all waiting for you!

    Mommy's sewing can only go on for so long before she has your wedding tux done!

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