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Follow up prenatal

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  • nisey79 nisey79's Avatar 02-06-10 | 10:56 AM
  • So yesterday I had a follow up appointment for the cerclage that was put in a couple of weeks. So far so good. I can continue life as normal just nothing over the top, bouncy or extraneous ( of course). I gained one pound since the last appointment, baby's heart rate was 160 ( and gave the Dr. trouble for trying to find it. Baby that is. He/she wouldn't stop wiggling), and Dr. C said I was starting to measure on the big side. I am terrified having a 15 pound baby. DH's side of the family is known for having big babies. My neice was shy of 11 pounds when she was born.
    Anyway it was a good, uneventful appointment and I go back again in four weeks. Monday is the big halfway point ultrasound, still trying to stick out for the surprise factor at the end!
  • CarolleZ CarolleZ's Avatar 02-06-10 | 02:29 PM
  • I've never worried about being told baby's "on the big side" my OB said Chloe was going to be 9+lbs.... She was just under 8! I do know that it isn't uncommon to measure "big" if baby isn't head down yet. Don't stress
  • hopetobemomofthree hopetobemomofthree's Avatar 02-08-10 | 03:27 PM
  • Sounds like a good appointment
    GL at the mid-way ultrasound!
  • tracyann 02-08-10 | 07:35 PM
  • Glad all is well. Good luck at the u/s.