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Pregnancy Poop Issue (TMI)

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  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 11-11-08 | 10:23 PM
  • Anyone else facing "the blockage"?

    I am normally a bit on the backed up side while pregnant, so I'd like to offer a suggestion.

    McDonald's cheeseburger.

    Seriously -- It has emptied me out today. I won't have to go now for a week, or I won't be able to because that's how it goes for me pregnant.

    Just thought I'd share --especially for the benefit of the 1st timers!

  • tarziesgirl tarziesgirl's Avatar 11-11-08 | 11:27 PM
  • It doesn't have to be that way. I've discovered a "tea" (its not really a tea, but a drink) from the health food store that has helped me tremendously! Its called Mama Calm, its raspberry lemon flavored clear drink made with a cup of hot water. Its got magnesium, vitamin c, zinc, and folic acid in it. I take the max dose, 3 tsp a day and it works well at keeping me moving. I have always been on the slow side, even while I'm not PG. The drink is a bit on the expensive side, but for me I can't do without it.
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 11-12-08 | 01:18 AM
  • I have the opposite problem this pg. If I'm not super diligent with what I eat, and even sometimes when I am, things can go through much too quickly. That's how I know what I can't eat. White four does it to me every time!

  • holly302 11-12-08 | 08:28 PM
  • cheeseburger? i ate 13 of those yesterday and i still havent had a BM since sunday.

    im glad you found something that works for you think it is also your prenatal vitamin?
  • 3Princes 11-12-08 | 09:03 PM

    The mcdonald's cheeseburgers worked for me every time too. The metamucil was all that helped me--- not the tablet kind but the nasty drinking kind.