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update.... dr appt.

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  • kaykaydale 10-09-07 | 03:57 PM
  • hey guys.... well, i went to the doc and they took my blood again but they said that it would be back for a day.... so they sent me home. but they did look at my cervix and said that it was closed and it was firm.... sorry if TMI but that is a good thing right???
  • Ellie Bellie Ellie Bellie's Avatar 10-10-07 | 01:04 AM
  • i would think that's a good thing ... did they give you any other info? it's so hard waiting for results! i also have to go in for more repeat bloodwork on thursday ... i'll be hoping all day for increasing numbers ... *sigh* ... but at least we can wait for these kinds of things together, right?
  • Bethann73 Bethann73's Avatar 10-10-07 | 10:13 AM
  • Closed and Firm is a very good thing..

    My Dr. told me at my 1st appt. that mine was locked up tight, as usual and that's why I tend to have more discomfort during paps.. but that's a good thing becuase the baby stays put.
    Unfortunately with me.. my babies will stay put til you yank them out.. that cervix does not like to open.