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  • Anastasia_B Anastasia_B's Avatar 02-13-08 | 02:23 PM
  • We are going to dinner without the kids...whoohooo! I will get him a card. I told him not to get me anything and for once I really mean it! I hope he doesn't or I will feel bad b/c I'm not getting him anything besides the card...

    I don't feel romantical. I'm too fat!
  • Ellie Bellie Ellie Bellie's Avatar 02-13-08 | 09:36 PM
  • i am soooooo w/you gals on the not feeling an ounce of romance in me! i feel much better that i'm not the only one ... this is how unromantic i am ... dh came home with flowers on friday night ... i go - "oh, flowers? for who? ohhh... the neighbors ..." (their child passed away) ... poor dh! he's like ... "noooo ... they're for you!"
    ... ugh ... again, a dope ...
    ... and as for doing anything ... i have no clue .. i just don't want to have to cook! i did get him a pair of gap vday boxers and a pair of shorts ... and i have a shadowbox frame thing to put together but it's so sad - i can't find a good pic of the two of us ... is it lame to put a pic of the kids in there?