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Well it finally happened

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  • hmeis 02-11-08 | 03:59 PM
  • I have to go on bed rest come wednesday had appointment this morning and ultrasound babies are fine but my BP is up there, been having some headaches and my swelling has gotten worse. Dr wanted me to be done with work today but I have to finish some stuff up so he said wednesday would be OK so hopefully the bed rest will help keep babies in a couple more weeks I am 33 weeks today. I have made it this far woithout bed rest so a few weeks won't kill me just hope I do not go crazy waiting for babies to come
  • Bethann73 Bethann73's Avatar 02-11-08 | 04:05 PM

    Sorry you need bed rest at all.. but hopefully it's just the ticket and you can cook those babies a few more weeks!!
  • **Jennifer** **Jennifer**'s Avatar 02-11-08 | 04:25 PM
  • Sorry you have to do it at all but I think it is great you made it this far!
  • alla_pech 02-11-08 | 04:55 PM
  • sorry about the bed rest, but you've come a long way, not too long of a wait now. Hope you'll be able to manage with the bed rest, and those babies stay put for a while longer.
  • Ellie Bellie Ellie Bellie's Avatar 02-12-08 | 02:14 AM

    sorry to hear that but you have come a long way .. not too much longer!!!