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17 weeks and sore breast

17 weeks and sore breast

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  • GRENWAYZ 01-18-13 | 01:21 AM
  • im 17 weeks and 5 days pregnant. my breast havent hurt since the second month of my pregnancy. now they are hurting really bad. why is that, are my breast going threw growing pains. im already a DD ( was this size before my pregnancy)
  • lauralkemp lauralkemp's Avatar 01-18-13 | 12:52 PM
  • You are probaly starting to lactate. It's just colustrum and your may notice a slight leakiness especially after a shower or if they are stimulated.
    Your ducts are making you sore because they are working to start producing milk and stretching. Expect to grow at least two sizes cup wise and maybe a size or so in the back. I'm a 38 C normally but I think I'm closer to a 40 D now and still have about 11 weeks to go before my due date.
  • GRENWAYZ 01-19-13 | 12:07 AM
  • well I haven't had any leakage yet. if my boobs grow any bigger im gonna look like dolly P
    im already a 38DD. but thank you for your advise it was very helpful and makes since.