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? about staple removal

? about staple removal

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  • mac71 mac71's Avatar 03-31-09 | 04:58 AM
  • I had disolvable stitches with my c-section but had staples for my back surgery and they didn't really hurt at helped that I couldn't see what he was doing
    you will be fine and just take things easy..I know you are not that type of person
    but c-sections are major surgery and your body needs to heal
Thank you mac71!
holly302 (03-31-09)
  • TLBT TLBT's Avatar 03-31-09 | 08:18 AM
  • I didnt get staples with my first, but I did w/Ty and the Dr didnt take them out in the hops, b/c they were irritated and she wanted me to wait a few more days, well, I was never so nervous about this "removal" but it was so simple and no pain at all, no real after care either, just keep doing what I was doing keeping it clean and dry but not rubbing it ect... good luck, I know how you feel though, its the fear of the unknown!

    ya know what did hurt though, was the damn tape burn from the steri strip, I thought i was dying when I got in the shower and didnt know it was there, when the water hit it I screamed! I swear that hurt worse than the entire section and healing!

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Thank you TLBT!
holly302 (03-31-09)