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Advice needed

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  • JayDecembly 07-30-13 | 01:46 AM
  • I'm now 5days late from my missed period. I've been having cramping sensations on the right side of my abdomen sometimes heavy sometimes light. My boobs don't hurt. I may get a sharp pain in them throughout the day but that's it. I feel really tired on and off. But that's it. I normally have a 28-31 day period and I've never had a missed period. I'm starting to have bowel movements frequently throughout the day and I normally go a few days without having one. Could these be some signs of pregnancy? On Friday august 2, 2013 i will be a week late if I don't get my period. Have have a doctors appointment on the 6th but should I still test before I go? Please give me some insight. I'm only 20 and this is my first time missing a period.
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 07-31-13 | 03:39 PM
  • Yes, I'd test, test, test!!! Welcome to The Baby Corner!
  • JayDecembly 07-31-13 | 06:23 PM
  • Thank you! I was told to always test in the morning? Is it also good to test when I start having the cramping feeling? Maybe my hcg has risen by that time.