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Af issues

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  • Jen_C Jen_C's Avatar 05-02-09 | 11:35 PM
  • First off sorry, this is going to be a bit TMI but I don't know how else to describe it.

    Basically My last real period was the beginning of March. I don't keep good track of my cycle because I was nursing my little guy and only had 2 or 3 periods since he was born. I waited for AF to show up again the beginning of April, but it didn't ever really happen. I had a bit of brown discharge - but I didn't need a pad or tampon and I only noticed it for maybe 2 days. That was my first period since I stopped BFing. So I thought for sure this time around when AF showed again it would be a nightmare. I thought she was showing up this week, but it's been the same thing - a bit of brown discharge for one day, then nothing the next. I noticed it again the 3rd day but didn't need any type of pad, etc. It seems to be gone again.

    What the heck is going on???? I took a HPT just to be sure and it was negative. I'm waiting to start my BC pills, but I don't know if I should start this Sunday or wait. I'll probably have to call my doctor on Monday, but I wanted to see if anyone here had an idea or thoughts. Like I said I have had 2 or 3 "normal" periods while I was breastfeeding and since I completely stopped I've only had these weird brown discharge days.
  • SueMulvey SueMulvey's Avatar 05-03-09 | 09:45 AM
  • I would call the doctor, maybe you need your hormone levels checked or maybe a thyroid problem. Sometimes after pregnancy or BF, the thyroid is a problem.
Thank you SueMulvey!
Jen_C (05-04-09)
  • baby hungry 05-03-09 | 05:34 PM
  • I don't know anything about bc, so really don't know what to tell you there. For sure call and ask your doctor. I agree, I would ask them to check my thyroid, just to make sure that wasn't an issue.

    From what you describe, it doesn't sound like your ovulating. What do you think? Did you have signs of o at all this last month?
Thank you baby hungry!
Jen_C (05-04-09)
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 05-04-09 | 12:47 AM
  • when you breastfeed you get different hormones and even once you stop it could take a while for them to get back in line. usualy the bc will help with that but I would call the Doctor and just to be sure.
Thank you imagine!
Jen_C (05-04-09)

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