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Anyone cloth diaper???

Anyone cloth diaper???

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  • LAB LAB's Avatar 09-25-08 | 03:08 PM
  • I'd get a few different types to try out and see what you like! There are so many more options with cloth and what one person adores you may dislike!

    I love the ease of fitted diapers with covers. There is the extra step of putting on a cover, but its simply 2 snaps on each side, slide your finger around the leg to make sure the diaper is covered and away you go. Its very fast once you get into the groove. They are the cheapest of the convenient options for cloth diapers. Honestly I don't think grandparents or even my DH could ever figure out a prefold

    I could change my girls diapers much faster then my SIL's that used disposables. Not dealing with the diaper rash cream to paint your kids butt really helps!

    I also like that even with a waterproof cover, your babies bottom stays cooler. I like that the baby isn't sitting in chemicals all day and night and babies covered in cloth are so cuddily!

    For nighttime you might want to get some doubler inserts. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some snap in, others lay in the diaper. It adds more absorbency to the diaper so they last through the night.

    You might need to change your babies diaper more with cloth. It depends on if you change disposables often or if you try to get your moneys worth out of them. Cloth diapers will only hold so much and you really don't want your child sitting around in their own urine anyway!

    It may also be hard for you to tell when a cloth diaper needs changed. There will be a learning curve/transition you'll go through. Cloth diapers don't smell like disposables do. You can tell when a baby poops in a disposable because of the smell. What you are smelling is the chemicals. The poop doesn't actually smell like that! Baby urine isn't concentrated and has virtually no smell at all. Even a clean disposable has a strong odor that many people associate with babies. It may take you a few days to get used to your child not having that artificial smell when you hold them.

    One of the super nice things about cloth is its so absorbent that the diapers don't get blowouts. If you have a few covers and want to use disposables occasionally, you can put a cloth cover over the 'sposie and it will catch anything that blows out! Nothing gets past a cloth cover! We did this trick on vacation when we used 'sposies and it was great! Of course I was soooo excited to get back home and use my cloth diapers again that didn't explode! I don't like cleaning up messes!

    For the diaper bag you can get cute little wet bags to put dirty diapers in. I was lazy/cheap and just used gallon size ziplocks
    Just put the dirty diaper in and away you go. Be prepared for all sorts of strange looks when changing cloth diapers out of the house. At least in my area its not "done" often. I got many comments about my "fancy" diapers and many people commented that they would have cd if they knew how convenient they were now.

    Just make sure you use less then a tsp of detergent to wash them. They'll come out totally clean that way. You don't want detergent build up on your diapers! Detergent smells awful when mixed with urine! If this happens you'll need to strip your diapers. To do this you'll need to wash them over and over again until there are no more bubbles on the surface of the water. Its a lot easier to just not get to that point by using very little detergent. There are special detergents you can use. I just used a tsp of Tide and it worked great for us! Even with my girls very sensitive skin as the detergent was washed out really well.

  • amy2000 amy2000's Avatar 11-09-08 | 02:12 PM
  • We exclusively cloth diaper our little one. For starting out I recommend trying a different assortment. Different people like different things. A great place to begin is either chinese or indian prefolds. We got ours at Weebunz. com for cheap and they have held up very well. You will need a few covers to go over the prefolds as well. We love Thirsties covers....if you use these they run very big so choose the smaller size on these. If you need advice or have any questions feel free to PM or email me at johnandamymiller@
  • 3Princes 11-09-08 | 07:46 PM
  • If I'm blessed to get pg again I'm seriously considering cloth too.
    I can't believe I admitted that. I want to stay home for a year and saving money will be most important. Plus...they're cute.
    ETA I guess I should clarify that I'm ashamed to admit that not because I think there's anything wrong with it, but because MIL cloth diapered-- she is so granola-y especially for being a 70s mom, and you can only take so much granola in one sitting. I'm actually wondering if she'll make them for me.

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  • Mommy2KNIH Mommy2KNIH's Avatar 11-10-08 | 02:47 AM
  • I used Fuzzi Bunz with my 3rd baby but not until he was about 8 months old so I bought the large size (he was a big baby). I wanted to use those with my last baby but she is rather tiny and at 19 months still doesn't fit into the large diapers I have so they are still waiting for her to grow into them. If she can wear them before getting potty trained but if not then I have about 18 large Fuzzi Bunz diapers that I will be getting rid of because they are still in wonderful condition. I LOVED them and if I was sure I was going to have more babies, I probably would have bought some of the smaller size but since this baby was very possibly our last I didnt want to buy more diapers.

    *edited to add* I would have loved to make my own but I am soooooooo not the sewing type and dont even own a sewing machine. I think it would be an accident waiting to happen