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Anyone not have a landline?

Anyone not have a landline?

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  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 06-24-09 | 10:35 AM
  • I do believe that as long as you have a phone line coming into your home, even if you are not paying for service, you should be able to pick it up and dial 911. My parents were bad with money and our phone was disconnected a bunch of times, we were still able to dial 911 if we needed to. You might want to check with your phone company.
Thank you Valleygirl!
3Princes (06-24-09)
  • 3Princes 06-24-09 | 10:42 AM
  • The alarm does presently go through the phone line. There is a receiver/adapter/not sure of the name of the thing you can buy for the alarm system so that you don't need a landline to operate it. The cable/internet stuff goes through the cable wire which we'd keep. Normally the alarm receiver thingee is $400, but they're offering it for $30bucks with a so-many-year contract (and we have no plans on moving and like our rate so that's fine). It's an extra $10/month to maintain the frequency of the alarm adapter thing. Our phone bill is $40 or something a month, so it would save us some money. With DH's hours, the alarm system is something that gives me peace of mind and I wouldn't want to turn it off.
  • MrsPook MrsPook's Avatar 06-24-09 | 11:12 AM
  • We don't have a landline in this house either. DH and I each have our cell phones and we use those numbers when asked for a "home phone number". It works just fine for us!
Thank you MrsPook!
3Princes (06-24-09)
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 06-24-09 | 11:23 AM
  • Have you thought about VOIP? We have it through our internet provider and it works out great. It's $24 and it keeps a landline in the house. Since VOIP provides no extra charge for long distance calling, we can call anyone for the same price. Combined with our pay-as-you-go cell phones, we only pay about $35-$40/month TOTAL for all phone use (home phone and cell phones). It's a deal that can't be beaten!
Thank you Dopey406!
3Princes (06-24-09)
  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 06-24-09 | 01:33 PM
  • I know a lot of people without landlines. I'm not ready to give mine up yet though.

    I think Valleygirl is right about 911 working even if you don't have phone service. I know the cellphones work that way.
Thank you 2babygirls!
3Princes (06-24-09)