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binky nipple confusion?

binky nipple confusion?

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  • 3Princes 01-19-10 | 11:02 AM
  • Brady's proving me wrong at every turn--- I never really put much stock into nipple confusion but I am stumped. Brady's been nursing fine, and yesterday even nursed every hour or so for awhile-- like a champ.

    He did take a binky last night at bedtime, but this isn't the first time he's ever had one for sure. When I woke him up at 4am he was acting hungry but then wouldn't suck hard enough to get anything out. Same at 7. I tried for probably a half hour and he would just open his mouth and hardly suck. Then he would cry when nothing came out. Finally, I got the pump out, and pumped until a little milk started coming out and then quickly put him on the breast. He finally ate.

    We are going to the doctors this afternoon for a variety of reasons but I'm wondering if this is possible?
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 01-19-10 | 11:18 AM

    I'm sorry!! I never put much stock into nipple confusion until Charlotte was born. She nursed beautifully in the delivery room and then they took her to the nursery and fed her 2-3 bottles (without my knowledge until it was too late
    ) because of her low blood sugars. When they returned her to me, she didn't know how to latch on and just bit me to the point that I was bleeding.

    It took almost 7 weeks of tongue training, spoon feeding, syringe feeding, SNS feeding, etc. to get her back to nursing well. She did eventually get it and nursed until 18 months, but it was a rough go in the beginning. I thought nipple confusion was bubkus...until then.

    I hope he was just being lazy for those few feeds and it's not any kind of confusion.
Thank you Dopey406!
3Princes (01-19-10)
  • 3Princes 01-19-10 | 11:22 AM
  • Well, I'm already not built well for nursing. I have huge boobs and very flat nipples
    . I'm glad I was at at least able to pump and then nurse him. This mom thing teaches me all the time that I'm not as smart as I think I am.
  • Sheri Sheri's Avatar 01-19-10 | 11:23 AM
  • I had a similar problem with Katie when she was a newborn- with bottles though. She got really lazy at the breast and I ended up stopping breastfeeding.
    The other kids were fine with binkies and bottles though.
Thank you Sheri!
3Princes (01-19-10)
  • brandimichelle brandimichelle's Avatar 01-19-10 | 12:17 PM
  • I totally do not buy into nipple confusion... but that's just me...

    I hope Brady starts nursing well soon!!