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Can you help? Night time issues

Can you help? Night time issues

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  • onemellogirl onemellogirl's Avatar 05-23-09 | 01:35 AM
  • Well sometimes she does fight me for naps during the day as well. It all depends on how late we were up the night before. Today we were out all day running errands because DH was off. She didnt get a real nap during the day, just in between stores. At 9 pm she started rubbing her eyes. She only fought me for about 5 mins and has been asleep ever since. Maybe I should keep her up all day??? I agree that she is ready for the CIO method, Im just not sure when to keep going back in and walking away. I know she will cry for hours if we would let her and thats what worries me about doing this. How long do you give it before you try something else?

    I also wanted to add that per our doctors orders, if she does wake up in the middle of the night; they want me to feed her. She is on the small side and I have been given a strict feeding schedule to help "plump" her up a little. Ava has been very active from the beginning (started crawling at 5 months) and the doctor feels like she is burning more calories that she is receiving. Once we go for the 9 month appt, they will see where things stand and if we can come off it.
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 05-23-09 | 02:52 AM
  • I have read that some kids have separation anxiety more then others and that if you hug them and hold them and go to them every time the need you it will help with that fear that your leaving them and they will start to become less anxious.

    also I have not read the book but I hear lots of great things about "The No Cry Sleep Solution"

    good luck and I hope she is sleeping better soon!
Thank you imagine!
onemellogirl (05-23-09)
  • mac71 mac71's Avatar 05-23-09 | 06:19 AM
  • well as a mother of a near 15 mth old who has yet to sleep one night through (I kid you not!) and also Lucy is incredibly stong willed and will cry for hours and kicks and screams also I feel your pain and your lack of sleep. Try the controlled CIO it may just work for you. I've been on the edge so many times regarding sleep issues and find it hard to believe I'm still standing all these months later
    but I am and you will get through this. YOu are obviously a great mother and I hope you find a solution very soon.
Thank you mac71!
onemellogirl (05-23-09)

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