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Clever name for a baby/kids resale store?

Clever name for a baby/kids resale store?

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  • Patience Patience's Avatar 02-24-10 | 01:09 PM
  • Susan, we have a spa/salon called "la tee da". Neat name.

    OT but my favorite name for a hair salon is by DH's school ...."curl up and dye". I love it!

    We have Frog Princess, Second hand Rose. I like the idea of making it personal to either your name, your family or a nickname or something quirky and meaningful to you but still catchy. That or the area you live in etc...

    How exciting!
Thank you Patience!
LMB2007 (02-24-10)
  • LMB2007 LMB2007's Avatar 02-24-10 | 08:16 PM
  • Quote de 2babygirls
    What is your name?
    What well-known city are you near?

    I'd look on Ebay & see if you can get some ideas for store names - not to use the exact same name but just for ideas.
    My name is LeeAnn Barnes.I live in a little town called Macclenny, but I'm only a short drive from Jacksonville. I plan to do this in my little town (or area, expanding a little further than the town).

    Great idea about the Ebay thing.

    These are great ideas from everyone!!!!!

  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 02-24-10 | 11:58 PM
  • Oh yeah

    LeAnna Bananna's Klassy Kids is all I can think of. I can't think of anything that would match the city names.

    Too bad nothing clothes-related rhymes with bananna.
Thank you 2babygirls!
LMB2007 (02-25-10)
  • LMB2007 LMB2007's Avatar 02-25-10 | 12:58 AM
  • Quote de Patience
    OT but my favorite name for a hair salon is by DH's school ...."curl up and dye". I love it!

    That's funny, we have Curl Up & Dye here too! I thought that was funny and very creative!
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 02-25-10 | 03:56 PM
  • We have a store called Children's Orchard. They have a website to start up a franchise with them. If I had the money I would considered it. lol
    some names I can think of are

    Little boutique (like "little bo peep") lol
    Head to Toe's
    Hot to Tot

    although those names might be taken I think so maybe you can switch the spelling like Little Bow-Tique

    Last edited by imagine; 02-25-10 at 03:59 PM..
Thank you imagine!
LMB2007 (02-25-10)