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could i be p w/rainbow?

could i be p w/rainbow?

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  • Delighted 03-21-16 | 09:59 AM
  • Hi, this may have tmi. in June i had a mc and i don't know my body as well anymore, this is why i ask. my period has changed to a regular since my mc. last time was different. It went: d1: spotting, normal. D2 lavender and lgt, not norm (ussually magenta to maroon.) D3 lavender n lgt, not norm (usually maroon/red and med/hvy) d4 4-6hr med red no clots, then brown and lgt, not norm (usually like d3 norm with.heaviest day with clots). D5 very lgt n bwn comes and goes. (Usually 1-2 days lgt/med brwn)
    I also have been bloated and gas since the week b4 above. As well as tired. starting last week my breast feel full that is not releived by nursing it also hurts a bit when nursed. i have been peeing more, but also have kidney issues. the past five days i can't get comfortable enough to sleep. and since last night i been nauseous. i have had a headache for 5wks. some minor mood swings that is very odd for me.
    that bleeding time started feb 28 b4 that period was jan30. also cm has remained white and sticky and profuse. could i be pregnant ?