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  • brandimichelle brandimichelle's Avatar 09-23-08 | 07:47 PM
  • Thank you so much for bringing up the Twilight books... I went out and bought it and LOVE it!!!!
  • tammiane tammiane's Avatar 09-23-08 | 11:51 PM
  • I'm right there with ya! I just finished the 3rd book in the series and am starting the last one tomorrow!
  • holly302 09-24-08 | 01:22 PM
  • im going to go out and buy one of those today along with the SATC movie...cant wait to try it out.
  • cynthia cynthia's Avatar 09-24-08 | 03:38 PM
  • Oh, you're welcome!
    I too am totally obsessed with them. I read Twilight in 3 days and just read Midnight sun, which is Twlight from Edward's point of view! The author posted the partial draft (264 pages, it was leaked and now she probably wont finish it) but it is SO good!

    I am starting New Moon tonight.

    Oh, and can I just say....I LOVE EDWARD!!! Cant wait for the movie in Nov!!
Thank you cynthia!
brandimichelle (09-24-08)
  • TTUAlison TTUAlison's Avatar 09-24-08 | 05:12 PM
  • Thanks for the link to Midnight Sun! I'll have to check that out!
    I read Twilight, I'm almost through with New Moon, so I'll probably get Eclipse tonight so I can start it tomorrow. I'm totally hooked!

    I am totally in love with Edward!