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Easy set pools?

Easy set pools?

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  • Patience Patience's Avatar 07-11-11 | 08:56 PM
  • Thanks Susan! The chemicals were so very confusing. Most pool stores only deal in big inground chemical ratios, so we really had to google and research to figure it all out.

    So far the test strips are showing that it is in balance. The one night the chlorine was a bit high, but the sun of the next day brought it in to safe range again.

    Sheri, I agree. I'd love a real pool someday. It seems a bit of a waste with our bad winters, but all the more reason to REALLY enjoy the nice weather. Dh thinks I'm crazy to want a pool since I'm not a swimmer. I can't swim, but I just love the feel of water and the privacy to enjoy our own pool. I never feel 100% comfortable "splashing around" in a public pool.
Thank you Patience!
Sheri (07-12-11)
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 07-11-11 | 10:56 PM
  • Not to be a Debbie Downer -- just a quick concern/question...

    With the vinyl pools, is bleach a safe chemical? Will it hurt or break down the vinyl?

  • savannah33 savannah33's Avatar 07-12-11 | 07:59 AM
  • I was thinking it would Sarah. I'm not sure but I would investigate that before using too much.
  • Patience Patience's Avatar 07-12-11 | 09:30 AM
  • The bleach (or any of the chemicals) probably aren't great for vinyl liners, but thankfully we don't use very much of it (4-5 cups depending on the chemical reading) and it is diluted by the 1700 gallons of water in there.

    I think those easy pools aren't really meant to last very long. If we get any more than the summer out of it, I'll be pleasantly surprised. :-)

    This year the size is great for the kids, but I'm guessing next year they will find it too small. I'm just hoping Ilijana gets over her intense fear and learns to like and feel comfortable in the water. Her friend was swimming like a fish in it yesterday. It got Ili to at least dunk up to her ears. It is a start.

    It is so strange for me seeing the kids friends do things with such ease and enjoyment. Then to see my kids (mainly DD when it comes to water) struggle so awkwardly to do what comes naturally to others. KWIM? Ili is very athletic and strong, but when it comes to swimming she is like a newborn deer trying to stand for the first time. UGH!

    Swimming lessons once a week just aren't helping. The peer pressure in the little pool seems to be getting us the furthest. LOL!
  • savannah33 savannah33's Avatar 07-12-11 | 10:47 AM
  • I hope she overcomes the fears!