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How often do you.....

How often do you.....

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  • cynthia cynthia's Avatar 06-19-08 | 10:37 PM
  • ....water your lawns? Especially those of you in hot you water everyday? How long do you water?

    It has been so hot here lately that I am watering every other day, and that almost doesnt seem like enough!
  • onemellogirl onemellogirl's Avatar 06-19-08 | 10:53 PM
  • This is so off topic, but just wanted to say i love your avatar! That is so funny! Where did you find that?
  • cynthia cynthia's Avatar 06-19-08 | 11:26 PM
  • Oh thanks!
    I actually first saw it on Facebook, then did a google search for it for my totally made me laugh!
  • charmel96 charmel96's Avatar 06-19-08 | 11:37 PM
  • we don't water it...i won't raise my water bill for green grass...i dont care what color it turns during the summer and it usually looks burnt by august but one good rain and it greens back up...although i will run the sprinkler for grace to play in so it does get a little water
  • Mellie Mellie's Avatar 06-19-08 | 11:37 PM
  • Well- depending on the rain- we usually water every other night for 10 minutes (we've got a sprinkler system in the front). The back yard, it's weird- we don't really water it that often, but it grows like crazy.
    So, it only gets watered when it starts looking crunchy and dry.