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  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 09-18-08 | 11:43 AM
  • How much of a person is due to physical changes in the brain/body & how much is due to experience?

    For instance, if a person was frozen in time as a 16 yr old so her body or mind never changed, do you think she would still mature emotionally or would her thoughts & actions always be that of a 16 yr old?
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 09-18-08 | 05:38 PM
  • woah. That's totally too deep for me
  • Chickie Chickie's Avatar 09-18-08 | 06:42 PM
  • What exactly do you mean? If they are frozen mind and body then they would never mature, but if you mean they are frozen body only, then I believe they would continue to mature as long as they experience new things.
  • jennigirl jennigirl's Avatar 09-18-08 | 08:28 PM

    I think experience is necessary to change.
  • Heidi1361 Heidi1361's Avatar 09-18-08 | 09:11 PM

    I'd love to have my 16yo body back! Sign me up!!

    Is she frozen & put in a box and then woken up 20yrs later?? If so, then I'd say... no... she hasn't matured any.

    But I think that you'd continue to mature as long as you could LIVE & experience things... but it might be "different" since most people would RELATE to you as a 16yo if that's how you looked!!

    And your brain has to change so you can learn... it's always making new connections & "wrinkles"... So... hmmm... I'm not sure if you COULD really learn too much if your brain was stuck in time?!?!

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