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Im confussed

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  • GRENWAYZ 02-03-13 | 04:31 PM
  • Hello this is my third pregnancy. my last two pregnancy where easy to figure out when i conceived, but this one just does not add up. So here is my story and all you mothers out there can tell me what you think. I have been on birthcontrol for 3 yrs now. In the month of September I had my Period 9-2-12 threw 9-9-12 I started a new pack of birth control pills well i decided that i didnt want to take birthcontrol anymore i have been on them since i was 16 yrs old i am now 32 yrs old. so on 9-16-12 was the last pill i took. I ended up having a break threw bleeding that started on 9-20-12 and ended on 9-25-12. that was the last time i bleed or had a period. My dr is not sure about how far along i am, going off of my last period he says i would be 19 weeks 4 day, going off of the last ultra sound i had in my first trimester i would be 20 weeks 1day. but when my dr messured my belly on friday Feb 1,2013 he said that it was messuring18inch. well my expected due date my dr gave me is june 21,203. i was playing with the due date calculator on this web sight and it says going off of my last period i would be due june 9th which would put me at 22 weeks. if i go off of the date i had my break threw bleeding it says i would be due june 27th and that would put me at 20 weeks. So i dont know what to think Im confussed. I had a C-Section with my last child so Im going to have to have one again with this baby. Any advise or comments are welcome would love to hear from you ladys and to see what everyone has to say.
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 02-03-13 | 07:20 PM
  • Congratulations and welcome to TBC.

    If you're not completely positive of your conception date, first trimester ultrasounds are very accurate as a dating tool. Belly measuring is the least accurate of the methods you've listed above.

    If you took your last pill on 9-16, it is likely that the bleeding you experienced on 9-20 could have been a period because the pill affects the hormones that determine ovulation and therefore, your period. So if you did induce a period on 9-20, it would be possible that your cycle restarted that day.

    If you are concerned about the growth of your baby, talk to your doctor and ask about an additional ultrasound. If you are around 20 weeks, you should be receiving an ultrasound soon anyway--most pregnancies have an ultrasound around this time to check growth (and gender) at 20 weeks.

    Please keep us posted.
  • GRENWAYZ 02-05-13 | 02:43 PM
  • Im having an level 2 ultra sound down tomorrow. im excited cant wait. ill find out for sure how far along i am n what im having.

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