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  • MollysMommy MollysMommy's Avatar 10-30-12 | 12:55 PM


    Ok, two of my friends like to give me baby clothes.
    One being our new roomate we took in because her
    and her fiance are expecting and they were staying with her parents.

    Well my roomate, has had EVERYTHING given to her for their baby, they have not had to buy one thing!
    They use a sob story to everyone, and they make more money than we do.

    Anyways, out of some stuff they were given there were a
    few girl items in there so she gave them to me.
    They were ALL stained. A few wash cloths, a pair of dirty tore up shoes, and stained bibs.

    Now she acts like she did this wonderful thing for me and
    kind of holds it over me as if she has helped me out alot
    and she didnt have to do it, etc.

    I have bought her baby clothes, diapers, bibs, hats, blankets, etc. (this was before she gave me those items)

    She only kept the diapers and left everything else out in our living room for over a month, everything else she has gotten she has taken in their room and put up.
    When going threw the baby's stuff to wash she stated "This is everything we have for him so far" with the box of stuff i had bought being a few feet away under a table where it has sat since day one.


    My fiance and i being fed up, took our losses, and decided to give them away to this girl who someone had told us was in need.

    It's been gone for about 2 weeks now, and they haven't even noticed it's gone or said anything to us.

    It's been really bugging me on how ungrateful they are. And on top of that, her holding it over my head in a way of giving me those items.
    Although i didn't need them, nor want them, i still acted like i was gratefull for them, thanked her and put them in the room.

    (Sorry i kind of went
    a bit but needed to vent

    Another friend gave me a garbage bag full of old, dirty, raggedy clothes that have been in someones storage.

    She asked me if i wanted some clothes that were the size Molly is getting into so i said i would really appreciate it.
    She proceeded to tell me they were really nice and cute and that she was going to just give them to me.
    When i met her to get them, i slipped her a ten and said thank you.
    After getting home and looking through them i realized none of the items where even usable.
    She text me and asked me how i liked them and if they would fit Molly. I wouldn't want to put Molly in any of them.

    I need advice on how to say "No" to people when they tell me they have some clothes, etc. for Molly that they don't need, because now im stuck with alot of dirty, holey clothes i won't use.

    Am i being ungrateful? I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but i don't want to put Molly in them either.

  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 10-31-12 | 12:54 PM
  • We've been in that position before. I just consider the source. If I'm not sure how usable the items are going to be, I tell the person that I'm all set for clothes, thank them for the offer, and tell them that they can feel free to move on the next person they know that can use them (or tell them about several charities that accept used clothes).

    It IS okay to say no.
  • MollysMommy MollysMommy's Avatar 11-02-12 | 03:09 PM
  • That's a helpful tip (charities!)
    Thank you!!
    I don't know how to talk to them about it.
    I appreciate the response!!

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