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New policy for my child care... (sorry, long)

New policy for my child care... (sorry, long)

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  • Heidi1361 Heidi1361's Avatar 05-22-08 | 08:35 PM
  • [SIZE="3"]Okay... I've got my armor on... go ahead & tell me it STINKS if you want to!! But the fact of the matter is... it's my home business, and I CAN make whatever policy I want... but I thought I'd get a few candid opinions to toss around in my brain!!

    So a little background info first... yes... I run a family child care (almost 2yrs now). I have 2 little girls... one has been with me from the START, and the other ALMOST from the start. To pay the BILLS... I really need to have THREE kids enrolled. This THIRD position has been a pain to keep filled...
    This past school year...
    Sept - early Jan - child enrolled & then grandma decided she could watch her
    March - April - baby came & then mom couldn't work out my summer vaca sched. (which she knew about when she enrolled)
    April - May - child enrolled, but now parents are splitting up & can no longer figure out her commute to me

    SO... on the advice of a friend, I added an "Early Withdrawl Fee" to my contract which reads like this...
    Heidiís House Family Child Care is NOT meant to be a short-term child care situation. I put a lot of effort into getting to know each child in my care, and their family. My own children and the children enrolled at Heidiís House become attached to their new friends very quickly! Itís also a great deal of effort to be in the process of enrolling children into my care on a regular basis. Your first two weeks of care will be considered your trial period. After your child has attended for two weeks, I will expect them to stay enrolled for at least 3 months. If you decide to withdraw your child between week 2 and week 12, there will be a $200 fee.

    BTW, when they enroll, they give me a non-refundable deposit for their first & last week of care. I don't do the "trial period" for FREE...

    I have someone right now who's very interested... but it's their first child and they've never dealt with child care before. They're confused that I'm taking time off in the summer... and they asked me to further explain my early withdrawl fee in an e-mail. I thought it was pretty darn clear!! [/SIZE]
  • MImom23 MImom23's Avatar 05-22-08 | 08:46 PM
  • sounds like a good idea to me but then I have never had to deal with putting a child in day care. And I fully understand why you see the need for this fee
Thank you MImom23!
Heidi1361 (05-23-08)
  • Chickie Chickie's Avatar 05-22-08 | 08:56 PM
  • I agree wih the fee after a trial period. I also agree with the first and last week pay. All daycares I have ever known took a vacation week during the summer. Adrianna's daycare facitlity charged me even if I didn't bring her in with the exception of like 3 sick days and one week vacation.
Thank you Chickie!
Heidi1361 (05-23-08)
  • 3Princes 05-22-08 | 09:06 PM
  • Well basically it's your d/c and you can do whatever you want. But.. does it accomplish what you want? Probably not. Of the people who left, it's highly doubtful that any would have reconsidered (except maybe the grandmother one) because of the fee.
Thank you 3Princes!
Heidi1361 (05-23-08)
  • Susan Susan's Avatar 05-22-08 | 09:08 PM
  • i think it's fine.. i can see the need for it. Is the fee unreasonable in comparison to the tuition they pay? if it's not then I don't see a problem with it
Thank you Susan!
Heidi1361 (05-23-08)

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