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  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 08-23-10 | 11:46 AM
  • My BFF that lives in Jacksonville and I are planning a trip in December to NYC. If you have been or live near there...can you tell me a little about it...Where to go, what to see, where to stay? Taxi fares and so forth. Give me anything you got lol
  • raabta01 raabta01's Avatar 08-23-10 | 02:19 PM
  • I have a lot of friends who live there and have been a few times. Here are a few tips I have:

    -cabs can be very expensive, if you're not too scared take the subway.

    -see some of the tourist stuff: Empire State Bldg, Statue of liberty, a museum you like, etc.

    -Don't expect ANYONE to speak english

    -Wherever you stay go over your plans with the conciege, a lot of times they can help you with coupons, VIP stuff, etc.

    -Whatever you would normally budget for meals, activities, etc. just go ahead and double it.
Thank you raabta01!
Keepers (08-23-10)
  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 08-23-10 | 02:29 PM
  • I think after a little research we have decided to take the cheaper way and take a cruise lol. NYC is EXPENSIVE!!! lol
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 08-23-10 | 09:05 PM
  • NYC is a wonderful experience. I can handle it for a day or two at most. I don't like the smell in my hair or the noise that seems to stick in my head if I am there longer.

    A cruise is another choice, but if you've never done NYC, I would do that!!!!

    Broadway shows, shopping, the waterfront... It's fabulous!!
Thank you Oreo!
Keepers (08-23-10)
  • brandimichelle brandimichelle's Avatar 08-24-10 | 10:01 PM
  • OH MY We LOVED NYC! I cannot wait to go back one day. We even took Avery at 13 months old and survived! We took the subway EVERYWHERE and walked. I totally would agree about figure out your "spending money and eating money" and double it... or triple it.

    TOTALLY WORTH IT.... I'd go to NYC over a cruise again...
Thank you brandimichelle!
Keepers (08-26-10)

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