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OUt of the loop on modern electronics

OUt of the loop on modern electronics

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  • Laurie Laurie's Avatar 09-15-08 | 10:20 AM
  • I need something to listen to when I clean the kitchen at night. This is the time when I am feeling run down and vulnerable and prone to miss my mother the most.

    I have a radio in the kitchen, but I cannot get the radio station that I want to hear the most.

    So, I was thinking of getting an mp3 player? Or an iPod? I think I can download some of the shows that I want to hear. Is there anything that is able to access online radio stations?

    What do you suggest? I am not really familiar with anything besides the radio and a CD player.
  • cynthia cynthia's Avatar 09-15-08 | 01:37 PM
  • I would suggest an iPod, either the Classic or the Nano.


    With that you can download music, tv shows, etc. If you browse iTunes, you can see all you can download.

    You can also get this accessory for your ipod so you can listen to regular FM radio stations too.

    Hope that helps!
Thank you cynthia!
Laurie (09-15-08)
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 09-15-08 | 01:42 PM
  • also, if you have a laptop, you can just plug that in and then you can 'stream' radio stations and use it just like a regular radio... only with better reception.
Thank you skyqueen!
Laurie (09-15-08)
  • Laurie Laurie's Avatar 09-15-08 | 01:46 PM
  • Karen, I tried doing that but the volume on this laptop is not that great for listening with dishes and water running.
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 09-15-08 | 05:55 PM
  • I'd get an Ipod. But, I warn you that the songs are about $1 each to download from the I-tunes store. If you want a bunch, it gets pricey pretty quickly.