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paint stamping a 1 year olds hand

paint stamping a 1 year olds hand

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  • baby hungry 05-30-08 | 07:17 PM
  • Does anyone have any tips for this?
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 05-30-08 | 07:49 PM


    put an old t-shirt that you don't mind paint on...

    sit them in the high chair pushed up to the table and have the high chair have a plastic garbage sack over the seat first....
    make sure the table is 100% washable - if not, cover it.


    get the paper ready and out of reach in the middle of the table
    Get the paint ready - I put a small amount of paint in a custard cup sized cup and get a big fat crayola paint brush and paint the paint onto their hands.
    It's okay if it gets all over the hand.

    Then, the rest is a big mystery

    you can try and get their hands to lay flat on the paper on their own -- but that usually takes about 15 sheets of paper before you get a good one.

    you can try and force their hands to lay flat -- that usually takes about 15 pieces of paper to get a good one too.


    or you can try and play a game. A copy me game....
    you clap your hands together, then slap the table...
    she copies ... slaps her hand together... slaps the table with the paper on it...
    sometimes that works better, sometimes worse
Thank you skyqueen!
baby hungry (06-02-08)
  • Heidi1361 Heidi1361's Avatar 05-30-08 | 09:04 PM
  • I've done it many times with my own kids & my child care kids... with the LITTLE ones, it's all about GETTING READY first!

    I always have lots of paper available for prints & re-prints! You can fit about 3 baby hands on 1 piece of paper! (When they dry, just cut out the one(s) you like & glue them to what you're making.)

    I paint the child's hand with a paintbrush and let them "rub rub rub" them together as if they're getting ready to wash their hands! I let them "check out" their hands for a bit... and when they seem ready, I put the paper in front of them... I hold their wrist above the paper and simply wait for their hand to open as much as possible & quickly bring it down on the paper. I quickly use my other hand to smooth their whole hand down on the paper... then I lift their wrist!

    And SHOW them what they did "WOW... look at THAT... it's your HAND!! What a super job!! Let's do THAT again!!" (and they'll probably be a little more willing to cooperate again)

    You also have to have somewhere to put the finished product (while you try another, or while you clean up).

    Last edited by Heidi1361; 05-30-08 at 09:06 PM..
Thank you Heidi1361!
baby hungry (06-02-08)
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 05-30-08 | 10:20 PM
  • Yup!!!! What they said!!!

    Great advice!!
Thank you Oreo!
baby hungry (06-02-08)
  • MImom23 MImom23's Avatar 05-31-08 | 12:38 PM

    But I also do a few dry runs without paint so the kids realize what we were going to be doing.
Thank you MImom23!
baby hungry (06-02-08)

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