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Pregnant after vasectomy

Pregnant after vasectomy

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  • Johnsonlove88 06-15-14 | 02:09 PM
  • Pregnant after vasectomy
    Ok please don't laugh... I know this sounds absolutely insane. I cringe writing this. Ok... My bf had a vasectomy around 7 yrs ago. I went to see him last week. We had unprotected sex and everything was fine. I came back home and back to business as usual, however, yesterday and today I feel like crap. I am gassy, bloated, a little crampy, peeing a lot, I'm a little weepy like everything is "so cute" or I'm in tears. Oh and my period ended three days before I went to see him. This isn't possible right? 1 being it's too early to tell and 2 he said he was "fixed"... I think maybe this is all in my head... My question is has anyone ever heard of having signs this early and has anyone had a baby with a guy who had a vasectomy?