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pregnant or period? Help please.

pregnant or period? Help please.

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  • Anonymousss 03-17-15 | 08:25 PM
  • Hello,
    I'm wring this post, cause I would like to hear your guys feedback and what you have experience.

    Little background info:
    I'm 24 years old, I have never been pregnant. I'm always on time, If i am late it's only two days. I have heavy flows, painful cramps, bloating, sore breast etc. my cycle days can range for 25 to 30 days.

    On Feb 9, 2015 I started my period like normal, with a normal flow, cramps, mood swings, sore breast. (excuse my language, but just knocked my dick in the dirt Lol) Had it for the six days like normal. On March 11 (30 day cycle this time) I was suppose to start my period, but instead I got this rusty brown mucus thingy, (I had cramping for a week prior to this) It only happen once. I didnt bleed for the next day, day after that I got this brownish/tanish color of dischage that only happen at night and When I wipe. (Same pattern again) It would skip a day, then only happen once at night. Now I'm a week late. (I believe) I have tookn three test since the first day of my "missed period" they came out negative. I dont know if it's cause i tested to early or if that was actually my period. Could someome please help me, Im kinda freaking out.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this