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Prego? So soon?

Prego? So soon?

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  • purplestar12 11-13-12 | 01:52 AM
  • Just wondering if I can be prego again so soon? I have a 4mo old son have not had my period since last Oct. But lately been nasuated, more tired, tender breasts, discharge, eating more, moody, horny a little more, been gaing weight. Now today seen light spotting and at base of tummu can fee a little bump. Can not eat creamy, spicy, or bbq foods get a bad gut ache. My belly is nice and round, would not be showing this much, but could be cuz 2nd child. Took prego test last Fri negetive. Been a little warmer these last couple of days. What's going on??
  • 4-2013baby#1 11-13-12 | 04:36 PM
  • My friend has a four month old and found out a few weeks ago she is pregnant she is 8 weeks now and her due date is june 21

    My mother in law had her kids very close together she had 9 kids in 8 years the closest two are 10 months apart if you are worried take tests or call your ob

    I have heard though that your horomones are not the same for awhile after you have a baby sorry im not really helpful the best thing i can do is to tell you see a doctor.

    I started having my morning sickness and stuff start at 3 weeks went to the ER bc my right side was hurting really bad and my doctor told me to go to the ER to be on the safe side they said it was just cyst and if it didnt go away see an ob went to an ob a few weeks later and there was a baby in there ( best day of my life

    so you can be have early signs

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  • kailah23 11-14-12 | 10:01 PM
  • best way to know is go to the dr. if you take a pregnancy test it may be left over hormones from your baby. but i got pregnant after i lost my son at 34 weeks. i got pregnant a couple months later. i believe its when your most fertile with all the hormones.. your already feelin like something is up if you are asking about it. so i would definitely ask your dr. dont even bother buying a prego test cause they will just make you take one that the dr can do anyways they gotta measure the hormones to see if they go up or not. cause the prego test could give you a false positive that you buy from the store. i didn't get my period before i got pregnant the second time. didn't have the chance to get it cause i was already prego. hope that helps!
  • purplestar12 11-19-12 | 03:32 AM
  • Hey Thanks, I am planning on making a doctor's appointment later today, because about an hour ago got a little naseus and had to eat something. My husband does not think I can be pregnant. I also have lower back pain, and a few days ago was cramping around my stomach, and got dizzy a few days ago coming from a laying position to a sitting position.
  • brandimichelle brandimichelle's Avatar 11-21-12 | 12:16 PM
  • Yes, you most def. could be pregnant... you do NOT have to have a period to get pregnant postpartum. I work L&D and we've had moms with 10 month old kids have another baby....

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