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Spotting, No period, negative hcg but gestational sac found.. please help!!!

Spotting, No period, negative hcg but gestational sac found.. please help!!!

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  • traceyjay 04-22-16 | 04:40 AM
  • Ok so im starting to worry alot about my body. back in january i had an ultrasound that found a cyst in one of my ovaries. the doctor said to do another scan in 3 months to checkup. Well i then left that in the back of my head till i had to worry about it and march came, i was a week late on my period and started to blled on the 18th of march. it was a light period that unusaully lasted for 6 days seeing as my period normally only goes for 4 or 5 at the most. ive then had unprotected intercourse
    lols with my partner and anyways i was due for a period on the 15th of april and instead started spotting on the 12th and it was light pink and only when i wiped really. this lasted until the morning of the 20th ( the day of my birthday actually) !! so on the 19th i went to see the doctor and done a pee pregnancy test it came up neg so we immediately thought one of the cysts may have ruptured. so i booked a vaginal ultrasound and done that on the 20th it showed that the cysts were fine no change but yet in my cervix they said they found what looked like a low lying intrauterine gestational sac. Anywaays i went and done a hcg blood test and got the results today and dr said it was negative and that she thinks i miscarried. i dont understand any of this and its really really worrying me im only 24 and this is my first time trying and its only been 6 months yet its still driving me crazy. Replies would be much appreciated