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Stuffed bear

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  • Jen_C Jen_C's Avatar 08-30-07 | 12:22 PM
  • What's the best way to wash a stuffed animal bear? He's white and looking pretty dirty and matted.
  • Bethann73 Bethann73's Avatar 08-30-07 | 12:26 PM
  • Does it still have a tag?? Does it say Spot clean only ?

    If not I throw ours in the washer on quick wash and in the dryer..
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 08-30-07 | 12:26 PM
  • Put him into a pillowcase and tie the open end closed. Wash him in the washing machine on cold with a load of whites on the gentle cycle.

    When the washer is finished, you can either put him (inside the pillowcase still) into the dryer on low or fluff him and let him air dry for a couple of days. We wash our stuffed animals all the time this way and it works pretty well. (I always dry mine in the dryer with the load of clothes.)

  • Jen_C Jen_C's Avatar 08-30-07 | 12:27 PM
  • It doesn't say on the tag

    THANKS Deanna! I'll give it a try!
  • the_littleminx the_littleminx's Avatar 08-30-07 | 12:28 PM
  • I always wash mine in the washer on the shortest load speed, and then toss them in the dryer on gentle. I do this for a lot of them that say "spot clean/surface wash" only too, and I've never had a problem. To me, it's worth taking the risk if they're too disgusting to play with anyways. YKWIM? Good luck.